Our Approach

We provide fully bespoke training on market and social research methods for research practitioners and for all those who have a need to commission, use or undertake research.

We provide an in-house training service that starts with a detailed consultation and ends with a fully tailored session focused on your organisation’s needs.

We have been running the MRS Essentials of Quantitative Research for the past 4 years and work closely with the Society in designing and delivering tailored in-house solutions.

Our exposure to hundreds of delegates drawn from the commercial and public spheres has helped shape our abiding focus on practical applicability of research training.

Our expertise spans every stage of the research and evaluation process and our experience across sectors means we appreciate the challenge of context.

Quantitative and qualitative research

  • Quantitative survey basics – design, sampling, questionnaire, data processing and analysis
  • Building customer segmentations – what to look out for – establishing attitudes, behaviours, needs, experiences and expectations
  • Using advanced analytical methods – demystifying multi-variate techniques to build meaningful segmentations
  • Qualitative Research – techniques and tools, approaches to analysis and building theory
  • Using branding and communication research to support development and planning
  • Using customer service and satisfaction monitoring to drive service improvement

Changing behaviours

  • Changing behaviours – a practitioners guide to theory
  • Using research to support and develop initiatives – getting the process and approach right
  • Identifying achievable and measurable objectives – measuring what you can as soon as you can
  • Evaluating policy and practice – formation, process and outcome

Finding reliable evidence

  • Systematic and literature review principles
  • Using the web and other information services effectively
  • Critical appraisal methods for the uninitiated – knowing good evidence when we see it

Social Media – monitoring sentiment

  • Reviewing terms and available tools for measuring campaign impact and reach
  • Opportunities for data gathering – using social networks to gauge attitudes and sentiment








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